Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TWD- Midnight Crackles

I'm baaack! Ok, I know the holidays should be about baking and cooking yummy things, but this year wasn't like that for me. I really wanted to, but we were in and out of town, so no time. I'm glad to be back to my favorite (only) baking group TWD (I need to find another group!). This is the anniversary recipe, which was chosen by Laurie and Jules, who spend hours maintaining the TWD site.
They chose Midnight Crackles, a chocolatey cookie with a little spice. Melted chocolate and cocoa powder are used to give them a rich flavor, with cinnamon and cloves added for a little kick. I underbaked these (the recipe advises to underbake rather than overbake), but I still thought they were a little dry.
They're yummy and a little addicting. My kids ate about 4 each today. Head here for the recipe!

In other news, those of you in SLC should check out my brother's new restaurant- Dojo Asian Inspired Cuisine and Lounge. We went to the grand opening in December. The food is AMAZING (and I'm not just saying that). The sushi is fantastic, but the entrees are exceptional as well. Here's the cake I made for that night: 
And for Beansy's 5th (what??!!) birthday, I made her a (quick) "Tangled" cake. She is obsessed with that movie. OBSESSED!
Hope you all had an amazing holiday!! Happy New Year!


  1. Im glad you liked the cookies! We ate them all up over here!

  2. Happy 5th Birthday to your little one!! Crazy how quick it goes, right?? Nice cakes and good luck to your brother!! Oh, and nice job on the cookies. :o)

  3. what cool cakes! the cookies look good too :)

  4. Happy 2011!! Did you quit CSB??

    The cookies look great, as do the cakes! Wish I had your talent!

  5. ooh, i thought you made blonde crackles for a second there, lol. Happy belated to the little one!!! great cakes!

  6. Cute Tangled cake. It makes me want to see the movie.

  7. I'm glad the cookies were enjoyed. Thanks for baking with us!

  8. Cute cake. We still need to see that movie.
    Great fun being in this TWD group!
    We live in the SLC area and will have to try your bro's restaurant!