Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TWD- Cinnamon Squares

I've been wanting to make this for a while- the picture in the book looks AMAZING. A moist cake with a chocolate ribbon in the middle, topped with shiny chocolate frosting. I would probably eat bugs if they were topped with shiny chocolate frosting. Anyway, this recipe did not disappoint. The cinnamon flavor is warm and breakfast-y, while the chocolate makes it more of a dessert. I halved the recipe and made mine in a 6" round pan.My chocolate layer wasn't pronounced like the picture in the book, and it was more at the bottom than in the middle, but you could still taste it. I actually used a chopped milk chocolate bar with macadamia nuts for the chocolate layer. Even though I don't normally like nuts in desserts, I thought the macadamia nuts added a lot to the cake.
You should go to Tracey's blog IMMEDIATELY for the recipe!


  1. I bet those macadamia nuts were fabulous in this.

  2. Good idea to make it with a macadami nut bar! I bet the 6" size was soooo cute!

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  4. Cute little cake! Halving the recipe was a good idea, because I really put a hurting on the whole cake! Too darned good.

  5. oh my! That looks so good! It makes me want to bake!

  6. Your cake looks awesome! Wasn't this delicious?!

  7. Sinking doesn't matter as long as it tastes good! still looks pretty too

  8. Your mini Cinnamon Squares cake looks soo inviting! The frosting looks super shiny and there's a lot of it! I'm not sure if I would eat bugs topped with shiny chocolate frosting but I'd give it a try with your frosting! =)

  9. Thanks for baking with me this week! The picture totally sucked me into choosing this recipe :) Glad you liked it so much!

  10. Amen to the shiny chocolate frosting!
    Looks great.

  11. UUU!!! Nuts. Great addition. Cake looks really good.

  12. Your cake looks great! I think I would have liked milk chocolate in this better. I thought the dark chocolate was just too much!