Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TWD- Coffee Break Muffins and Party Cake!

Well, after a few birthdays, a week in Italy, a week recovering and getting kids in pre-school, I'm back to TWD! This week's recipe was for Coffee Break Muffins. We don't drink coffee, so I substituted cocoa powder for the espresso powder, and whole milk for the coffee. I also omitted the nutmeg. These muffins are SO good. They don't require a stand mixer- just a large bowl and a glass measuring cup. They come together in about 5 minutes and take about 18 to bake. I halved the recipe and wished I made the whole thing!
My kids loved them, too. I'm a big fan of chocolate and cinnamon together. They're moist and not too sweet- perfect for a fall breakfast!
Chocoholic Anonymous has the recipe (and a great blog)!

And I made a party cake for a 13th birthday!


  1. wow, wow and wow.
    1) delish looking muffins
    2) ADORABLE daughter!
    3) Spectacular cake.
    I'm in awe :)

  2. That cake is a work of art! I wish I had some of your creative talent.

  3. what an awesomely whimsical cake!!

    glad you liked the muffins with your nips and tucks :)

  4. Ciao bella !! I hope you are doing well as your baking !! I love the cake and loved the muffins as well as their easiess (?) Baci !

  5. Great variation on the muffins! I'm glad they were a hit at your house.

    The cake looks wonderful too.

  6. Yum very nice looking muffins and the birthday cake is beautiful! Your little girl looks like she is enjoying the muffin! Im glad you enjoyed the recipe!
    Happy baking!!

  7. Heheh that sure is an adorable little girl!!! Love the cake :)

  8. I haven't been paying attention and totally missed the Italy post. Gotta go back and read it! The muffins look great and the cocoa was a good sub. Your daughter is so cute!! And that cake is pretty wonderful, my friend.

  9. Awesome post! Cute picture of your daughter!!! Are you gonna blog about the cake? good job!

  10. your daughter is adorable!

    the muffins look great but i am loving that cake!! well done

  11. I loved these muffins. And I wish I could make cake like you!